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Unity asset store

Daniel Foyle

Byron Andrews-Salvietto

Graham Hilman

This game is a first-person horror, exploration game. You are a dwarven explorer lost in another world. With no way of knowing how you got here or what you doing it's up to you to explore the house and put the pieces together to find a way out and get home.

People are your allies, talk to them to find out more about this house and them find notes that they left scattered around the house to give you clues on puzzles and rooms. But be careful not all are who they make out to be.


the game aplication.zip 676 MB


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I really enjoyed playing this game! The graphics and the style definitely make this game come to life. There are some bugs I encountered throughout the game but it has potential. Some instructions would be helpful too. Great job!

hey thanks for playing the game

i plan on fixing the bugs and adding more content to the game over the summer holidays when work has finished.

AE3 stands for assignment three

overall thanks again for playing. thanks for the feed back it really helps with development and hope you enjoyed